Swiss Gold Coins

Circulating Issues

DenominationDates of coinageDiameter (mm)Weight (g)ObverseReverse
10 francs1911-1922193.226
20 francs1883-1896216.452
20 francs1897-1949216.452
100 francs19253532.258

Commemorative Issues

DenominationEventDateDiameter (mm)Weight (g)ObverseReverse
250 francsFoundation of Switzerland 12911991238
100 francsHelvetic Republic 179819982822.58
100 francsSwiss Confederation 184819982822.58
100 francsFête des Vignerons19992822.58
100 francs2000 Years of Christianity20002822.58
50 francsHeidi20012511.29
50 francsExpo.0220022511.29
50 francsAlpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz20032511.29
50 francsFIFA Centennial20042511.29
50 francsGeneva Motor Show20052511.29
50 francs500 years of the Pontifical Swiss Guard20062511.29
50 francs100 years of the Swiss National Bank20072511.29
50 francsInternational Year of Planet Earth20082511.29
This list is no longer updated. For a current list, see the Wikipedia article.

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