Coin trading

Trade lists

My trade lists are in Excel format. I can offer you also bank notes or stamps.

Want lists

I'll trade for any modern coin that I haven't yet in my collection. Here are my want list for world coins by country.
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Mail to if you want to trade.

When you send the coins by mail, make sure that they are wrapped carefully. They shouldn't slide around and they shouldn't fall out of the package, even if it gets ripped open. If you don't have a professional coin holder system, you can simply fix the coins between two layers of cardboard which you staple together.

If you send the coins in an envelope and want to lower the risk of the coins getting stolen, pad the envelope (for example with two extra layers of thick cardboard), so the content can't be detected from the outside.

Never fix the coins with duct tape; they get sticky and are hard to clean afterwards.

Because postage is so expensive in Switzerland, I don't send my coins by insured or registered mail, unless they are really valuable.